Rotation works the Problem...

Stability with Strength

Stability is neuromuscular. Rotation signals muscle-lengthening proprioceptors in intrinsic fiber for responsive powerful stability.

Mobility with Activation

Stretching a tight muscle is temporary. Rotation activates intrinsic fiber for reactive muscle lengthening & lasting mobility.

Function with Power

Free-weights bypass inhibited deep intrinsic fiber. Rotation turns on intrinsic muscle fiber for greater neural drive & end-range power.

Restore the function of intrinsic muscle fiber

Fire intrinsic muscle fiber Standing Firm power rotation diagonal force intrinsic muscle fiber

Weighted rotation plate creates diagonal force.

When intrinsic fiber muscle isn't lose muscle length... diagonal isometrics release muscle lengthening proprioceptors.

PNF patterns Standing Firm rotation power diagonal isometrics intrinsic muscle fiber sports

Step 1

Use the same technique that Sports Medicine professionals do...diagonal isometrics known as PNF patterns.

PNF isometrics diagonal force mobility zone activation Standing Firm rotation muscle length

Step 2

Condition your muscles to fully lengthen and contract.  Just 30 seconds of isometrics and 30 seconds of rotation in the Mobility Zone. The results are immediate and lasting...full range of motion.

Force - couple Relationship

Force couple relationship powerful stability Standing Firm rotation power stabilizers intrinsic

Powerful Stability

It's misleading to label certain muscles as "stabilizers" as every muscle has deep stabilizing fiber known as...    intrinsic muscle fiber. 

Stability Screens

4 Hip Screens that locate tight intrinsic muscle fiber in the adductors, abductors, glutes, hamstrings and hip flexors.


Quickly see where tight muscle fiber is creating imbalance. Proceed with easy targeted PNF treatment to gain back mobility and stability. 



Screen for muscle tightness...guided by rotational symmetry.


Activate deep intrinsic fiber with rotation to restore natural muscle length.


Integrate functional movement while improving hip and core stability.


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