Balance exercises favor stronger muscles creating greater imbalances. StandingFirm® Rotation Station isolates weak/tight muscle fiber to strengthen & balance.


The ROTATION STATION activates muscle fiber using spiral diagonal PNF to restore full muscle lengthening for end-range contraction.


Functional exercises rely on gravity to improve movement... but locomotive movement utilizes rotation. StandingFirm® Rotation Station corrects loss of rotation while performing functional exercises.

Maximum Muscle Force

Maximum force is only possible within a muscle's natural anatomical range.

rotation tight muscle end-range contraction loading ground force rotation Standing Firm fitness

Tight muscle limits end-range ....Stretched muscle limits force.


StandingFirm® allows you to stay in position to reach each muscle's end-range. Apply rotation to every muscle group.


Equal and opposite rotational length means better timing, quicker response and less injuries. 

Rotation at Work

Spiral Diagonal | End-range Contraction

rotation station spiral diagonal end range contraction PNF end-range contraction ground force strength stability

Neutral Alignment

rotation, StandingFirm® neutral alignment, beyond gravity, fitness end-range contraction loading ground force

The patented loading system of StandingFirm® creates muscle lengthening diagonals while maintaining a neutral stance.

Rotational Range

Rotational range, StandingFirm®, end-range, contraction loading ground force rotation strength stability

Resistance bands create dynamic resistance working in and out of end-range rotation.

Prevention | Recovery | Performance


Standing Firm power rotation screen muscle tightness rotational symmetry range motion end-range contraction loading ground force

Screen for muscle tightness...guided by rotational symmetry.


Activate Standing Firm power rotation intrinsic muscle fiber muscle length baseball rotation end-range contraction ground force

Activate tight muscle fiber with rotation to restore natural muscle length.


functional exercises movement Standing Firm power rotation improving hip core stability end-range contraction ground force muscle function

Integrate functional movement while improving hip and core stability.