Rotation works the Problem...


Tightness, deep in the muscle belly creates instability at the joint. Muscle lengthening anti-rotation stability exercises correct the problem.


Tightness deep in the muscle belly restricts end-range motion and full muscle contraction. Isometrics and rotation correct the problem.


Every muscle needs to function optimally for functional exercises to be truly effective. StandingFirm® combines targeted muscle work with functional movement to correct tightness while strengthening function.

Maximum Muscle Force

Maximum force is only possible within a muscle's natural anatomical range.

rotation tight muscle end-range

Tight muscle limits end-range ....Stretched muscle limits force.

4 Way Hip

StandingFirm® allows you to stay in position to reach each muscle's end-range. Apply rotation to every muscle group.


Equal and opposite rotational length means better stability. 

Rotation at Work

Anti-rotation Stability | End-range Force

anti-rotation end-range muscle force

Neutral Alignment

PNF patterns Standing Firm rotation power diagonal isometrics intrinsic muscle fiber sports

The patented loading system of StandingFirm® allows you to create muscle lengthening diagonals while maintaining a neutral stance.

Rotational Range

PNF isometrics diagonal force mobility zone activation Standing Firm rotation muscle length

Resistance bands create dynamic resistance to work in and out of end-range rotation.

Prevention | Recovery | Performance


Standing Firm power rotation screen muscle tightness rotational symmetry range motion

Screen for muscle tightness...guided by rotational symmetry.


Activate Standing Firm power rotation intrinsic muscle fiber muscle length baseball rotation

Activate tight muscle fiber with rotation to restore natural muscle length.


functional exercises movement Standing Firm power rotation improving hip core stability

Integrate functional movement while improving hip and core stability.


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