Standing Firm®...where power begins

Standing Firm®

Standing Firm® ...rotational training for stability
The diagonally-oriented stabilizer muscles improve the integrity of the movement system, protecting your body from injury and providing the foundation for athleticism.

Stability promotes mobility and control... the ultimate expression of power!

The center of stability is the rotational hip joint.
Power is generated from the rotational balance of the hip muscles and the rotational control of the core!

How do you activate the deeper hip stability and core stability muscles?
Not with functional training, weight training, or even balance training need rotational training!
isometric rotation
hip range of motion rotation
plyometric rotation
Corrective stabilization                                                                  Conditioning stabilization                                                 Power generating stabilization

Standing Firm® patented rotational system activates, balances & strengthens stability in the ankle, knee, hip, shoulder & core for ultimate power.