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Introducing the Power of Rotation

Standing Firm®

The DRIVING FORCE in human movement is rotation.

Tight hip muscles inhibit the ability to load and unload force.....  StandingFirm® rotational force goes deep to release tight muscles... improving mobility creating powerful stability.

STANDINGFIRM® improving mobility for powerful stability.

One machine.... 21 muscles.'s what you've been missing!

Linear vs. Rotational

The hip joint is the central pivot point of the movement. Tight muscles around the hip create instability in movement.

Strength vs. Stability

Stronger muscles don't automatically create stability. Rotational symmetry at the hip joint creates stability.

Stretch vs. Length

Tight muscles lack rotational length. Diagonal isometric force releases lengthening-agents in the muscle. Restore the responsive lengthening power of every muscle with StandingFirm®


Injuries, over-use and muscle imbalances turn-off intrinsic muscle fiber and lead to muscle tightness. 

The only way to restore the tight muscle fiber is to activate deep intrinsic muscle with diagonal isometric force.

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Glutes Activate deep fiber. Rotation Standing Firm Power isometrics strengthen weak links

Activate Deep Glute Fiber

Rotational isometrics reboot intrinsic muscle fiber to strengthen weak links. 

Hips Standing Firm power explosive strength range of motion intrinsic muscle fiber  proprioception

Restore Explosive Strength of Hips

Intrinsic muscle activation recovers range of motion.

Knee stability Standing Firm power strength intrinsic muscle fiber neuromuscular exercises

Improve Stability Strength Knees

Intrinsic muscle fiber provides neuromuscular strength and stability.

Customer comments

Rotation Standing Firm power glute stretch hip muscles external hip rotation PNF mobility

Great Glute Product

"I use StandingFirm® for deep glute activation with my athletes."

Josh Seligman MS, ATC, RSCC 

Major League Specialist Milwaukee Brewers

Immediate Response

"We have done exercises with our players and have seen an immediate response."

Aaron Nelson ATC, NBA ATC of the Year

Head Athletic Trainer Phoenix Suns

PreGame and Strength Routines

"We use the StandingFirm® in our pre-game and strength training routines."

Joe Kessler MS, ATC

Major League Strength and Conditioning Coach

Cleveland Indians

Stretch and Strengthen the Hip

"StandingFirm® is able to stretch and strengthen the hip area with various ranges of motion and resistance, something that is very hard to do."

Gavin MCMillian Founder Sports Science Lab

San Juan Capistrano, CA

WIRED magazine

Athleticism doesn't just come from the weight room...and is not always enhanced by cardio more.

STACK magazine...a magazine by athletes for athletes

Dedicating some time off the links and in the weight room has become common among  elite golfers. Now there's a product focused on improving more


Corrective Strength .... reboot tight muscles and feel the power of rotation. Get on board with news and events.